22.6 teaspoons of sugar, GDA’s, RI’s, DRV’s and other sweet nothing’s…


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There’s been a lot in the press and media recently about the not-so sweet nothing’s… A colleague today sent me a link saying ‘you might find this interesting…”. I hope that was due to me being a foodie rather than the ‘tyre’ around my midriff!

How much sugar do we eat?

Thank you Steph!


Lime pickle Potato Salad


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2 years ago I went to close friends 60th birthday bash and I found this little gem… and yes it’s taken me 2 years to try it!.. And believe it or it’s quick with very little prep time!

What you need…

1kg of washed not peeled salad potatoes
3 heaps of any Indian lime pickle ….I used Patak’s (Hot or Medium) which is available in most stores
A small slab of butter
A handful of fresh coriander
A red onion …optional



What you need to do…
Wash and halve or quarter the salad potatoes …depending on size.
Place the potatoes in a pan of boiling water until cooked… can take about 15-20mins but keep checking with a knife!
Whilst waiting… Chuck the lime pickle into a blender and blitz to a paste.
Thinly slice the onions… rings are nice
Once the potatoes are boiled, do not over boil, they need to keep their shape… drain the water and gently simmer with the butter and onions for 5 minutes.
Add the blitzed lime pickle and stir until all the potatoes are covered liberally.
Add the fresh coriander…chopped or torn.
And simmer and stir for another 5 minutes.


Add a pinch or so of salt… And stir into the mix…don’t forget to taste as you go along!

What to do next…
These can be served warm or cold.
A great alternative to the normal potato salad at parties.
Eat and share with pitta, salads or just by themselves!



Three weeks later… Off to a friends party and have TOLD to make this or we won’t be let in!!


This one has the addition of finely chopped red onions at the end…

Tasty Tortilla Treat


A must try recipe!

Originally posted on foodmemoirz's Blog:

I quite often have tortilla wraps in the freezer, just in case I want a “I can’t be bothered, I have two things in my fridge, and need something tasty” kinda moments!

Although I’ll be using a tomato and a mushroom, you can just use anything you have, as long as you can cook it by grilling!

What you need…

A couple of Tortilla wraps (or just one if you fold it)
Any strong cheese that melts nicely… I usually use a good mature cheddar or smoked Applewood
A tomato
A couple of mushrooms
Fresh basil or coriander
Red chillie flakes ….or fresh ones or jalapeño’s

I use a Thava (check out The Lazy Man’s Kitchen) instead of grill pan..it’s just easier!

What you need to do…

1. Finely slice the tomato into discs and arrange them onto one tortilla.


2. Do the same with…

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Bhootni Ki Chutney.. Spicy fresh mint chutney (revised)


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This is a recipe I have tried to get right for so long and I think I finally cracked it..

After the fourth phone call to Jhaiji..

…more note taking, the recipe I am happy with is…

What you need…
A fistful of fresh mint
4 white onions
2 green chillies… less if you want it milder!
2 teaspoons of Um Choor…it’s a sour mango powder, still quite specialised but can be bought from large supermarkets.
1 teaspoon of any white sugar.
1 teaspoon of salt.


What you need to do…

This has got to be one of the simplest ones…

Chuck it all into a blender until it’s chopped…you can leave it fairly chunky, onions approx 5mm, I advise you not to turn it into a purée!

Optional… my father, Papaji, says you can also chuck in an apple before blending.

What to do next…

Spoon it into jars and keep in the fridge. Use it at will (great with crackers!)… Delicious with Masoor Ki Daal!!

Don’t forget to Share!



Ps.. Guilty pleasure disclosure… When no ones looking I put a spoonful of chutney on a hot roti (or naan or pitta) with a knob of butter. It slowly melts into the chutney and I tear bits of roti off ….and scoop up the chutney and eat it! Not the healthiest of suggestions but it’s sooooo delicious!

More new acquisitions…


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Last year in New Aquisitions I wrote about how important it is to make your food look great as well as taste fabulous.. Well here are our new babies!





We had spent the last few months looking for a good quality, stylish, classic but affordable service. We looked at lots from classic white bone china to things with a colour note. We found this by chance and had to have it… M&S saves the day with its Manhattan range. We got 8 place settings just in case lol

Things we didn’t get but I know we will when we save more pennies!



Enjoy whatever you cook, eat or drink!

Ps just been to France and bought this…

…happy baguette baking!!

Saag… the most delicious Indian dish made from greens!


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For the past forty odd years Jhaiji has made this for me and although it may sound repulsive to those that are unitiniated, it is simply the most delicious dish ever!! It’s only recently that I have been able to make it myself… until recently I have stolen frozen tubs of the stuff from my parents chest freezer! I was nervous making it, not because it is difficult but more due to the fact I love my mothers!

What you need…
Lots of greens!
This can include baby spinach (4 big packs), brussel sprout tops (2 whole ones), white cabbage (one whole), greens (a couple of bunches). You will need lots!!
Stuff for 2 lots of Tholka
Polenta (corn meal) …known as Mukki ka atta
A large pan
Hand held blender or masher
Salt for seasoning




What to do next…
Chop all the greens …it doesn’t matter small its all going to be boiled and blended!
Add the greens to the pan until its about 3/4 full and add some water …about a pint.
Boil and then simmer.
As the greens wilt and reduce keep adding the remaining greens until they are all in the pan …add more water as needed.
Turn the heat down to a low simmer and boil until completely wilted and cooked through …keep adding boiled water to keep it fluid and stir regularly. This should take about an hour so. Make sure you keep the lid on!
Add a healthy handful of mukki to the pan and mix into the greens. …the mukki will absorb the excess liquid.
Once mixed in use the handheld blender or masher to create a smoother consistency.
IMPORTANT…from this moment onwards you now have a pan of molten green lava which will spit at you, the hob and walls. Keep stirring when the lid is off. At all other times KEEP THE LID ON!!!!!
Keep this pan simmering gently until the tholka is added.


Prepare and cook the tholka in a separate pan.
Add this to the main pan and mix through thoroughly.
Chop the coriander and mix in.
If at this point you feel it is too thick, add some boiling water.
Add salt to taste …you may need more than you think so taste as you add!

Turn off the the heat and now you have tasty, deliicious green lava!

And finally…

Serve with fresh natural yoghurt, roti, pitta or naan bread.

Share and enjoy!




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